Food heaven of the west… part two

I believe all food lovers enjoy having nice breakfast every morning and I am definitely one of them. Driving downhill on Plain Street, we almost miss the intersection to turn in onto Royal Street. Toast was hidden somewhere behind the buildings on Royal Street. It was a hard search until we found a little cafe that caught our eyes as it was located on the river bank. This is a good place to relax by viewing ducks swimming in the river under the rising sun, having simple nice breakfast along with a cup of coffee.

Menu along with colorful plastic water cups

Corn fritters with avocado, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce  – $17.5

Looking at the egg yolk oozing out under the hollandaise sauce, there were only two words that came into my mind, YUM! YUM! The corn fritters were quite special as I thought they were bread but it tasted like corns. The avocados blended well with the richness of the hollandaise sauce and egg yolk. A good combination to go with the fritters.

Eggs benedict toasted english muffin with ham, poached eggs and hollandaise – $15.9


Shop 21 / 60 Royal Street, East Perth
Perth, WA 6004
Toast on Urbanspoon

Sayers Sister, another popular cafe located nearby Hyde Park on Lake Street at Northbridge. Woooo! This cafe impressed me with its vintage interior design.

Take away paper bags used as reserved sign

Vintage lamps in the cafe

Vintage water bottle?

The chocolate honeycomb affogato is one of their signature which I believed is a must try.

Chocolate honeycomb affogato

I have to admit that I am a big eater (don’t ask me to have simple toast for breakfast). I ordered their big breakfast. With the quality and quantity served, definitely it’s worth it. My friends ordered the other two dishes which were equally delicious too.

Full breakfast of poached, scrambled or fried eggs, potato cake, 3 beans, grilled tomato, field mushroom, italian sausage & bacon – $22

Smoked Salmon, scrambled egg, spinach and spices on toast

Spinach fetta pinenuts crepes

Sayers Sister

236 Lake St
Northbridge, WA 6000
Sayers Sister on Urbanspoon

A beer is definitely a must on a hot summer day. Right in the heart of Perth, we ‘accidentally’ found The Generous Squire while looking for shelter from the heat. Just like the name of the restaurant, this place is run by James Squire, a New South Wales based beer. Just a little knowledge to share, James Squire is named after an English convict who was believed to have created Australia’s first commercial brewery.

We head in and found an empty spot after passing the bar area. Luckily the dining hall was operated with chilling air conditioner.

One thing which caught my eyes while reading through their menu was the beer tasting paddle which comes with six different types of James Squire beers.

Their menu

James Squire beer tasting paddle – $25

I was not too sure why they named this place The Generous Squire but I could think that they wanted to tell every customers that their portions were generous. Well, the dishes were served in large portions. We ordered tucker bag, seafood platter and chilli beef which we felt were good enough. The real surprise was bringing in some Asian concept in the chilli beef by using crispy hokkien noodle to increase the taste. The only feedback was I thought the sunny side up was not necessary for the tucker bag.  I felt it was overdo.

Tucker bag – Angus rump resting on creamy mash potato topped with a field mushroom, onion, a fried egg and rosemary jus – $29

Seafood platter – Smoked salmon rosettes, prosciutto wrapped prawns, salt & pepper squid, crumbed sardines & lemon pepper barramundi served with aioli, lemon & salad – $34

Chilli beef – Salad with tender beef strips tossed through red peppers, red onions, sprouts, shoots & mixed greens with hokkien noodles. – $22

I personally thought that their service was friendly and attentive. It’s worth trying  as their portions were just like the name of the restaurant “The Generous Squire”. 

The Generous Squire

397 Murray St (Off Shafto Lane)
Perth, WA 6000
The Generous Squire on Urbanspoon


Food heaven of the west… part one

Food! Food! Food! It is a habit of mine to search for great food every time I go on a trip. It applies when I visited Perth, Western Australia. I did some homework as I did not want to miss any chance to try good restaurants here.

We went to Morries Anytime as we stopped by Margaret River town before heading to the wineries. It is a wonderful cafe, bar and restaurant located in the town centre which I highly recommend. The interior is nicely decorated and we were warmly welcomed by the friendly waitress.

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to a cafe, bar or a restaurant, all of them offer a variety of coffee, food, wine and cocktail. At first, we planned to try some of their famous creation cocktails, but we had to give it a miss as we tried not to get intoxicated before visiting the wineries.

Wagyu burger, Mchenry’s bacon, lettuce, tomato, relish, Morries pickles, fries – $19.50

Tender and juicy wagyu beef, crispy and crunchy Mchenry’s bacon and fresh lettuce, tomato, pickles, layered in the soft and lightly crunchy bun, served along with freshly fried fries. HEAVEN!

Masterstock braised pork belly, thai caramel, pickled wombok, salted cucumber & coriander salad chilli oil, coriander – $16.50

Well flavored pork belly, great combination with the salad and dressing. Would prefer the pork belly to have more of its juiciness as it tasted a bit dry. Overall still consider a great dish.

Morries Anytime

2/149 Bussell Hwy
Margaret River W.A. 6285
Mon-Sat: 7:30-late
Sunday: 7:30-10pm

Morries Anytime on Urbanspoon

Andaluz Bar and Tapas was another restaurant that caught my attention during my search for late night food. Tapas! Cocktails! Sexy! Unfortunately we were dressed too casually, totally not sexy and we felt embarrassed to get in. Luckily we were still warmly welcomed.

We tried plenty of tapas but sadly, it was a bit too dark for me to take these fantastic food photos and the below were the ‘surviving’ ones.

Yellow Kettle. Melon and peach liqueur, kaffir leaf infused citrus vodka, pineapple, lemon, coffe dust. – $18

Fried buttermilk chicken wings, pimento hot sauce, smoked salt & lime – $15

Grilled flat bread, marinated labna – $9

Blue cheese with bread

Andaluz Bar & Tapas

21 Howard St
Perth, WA
Tuesday to Thursday Noon – Midnight
Friday Noon – 1am
Saturday 6pm – 1am
Sunday & Monday Closed

Andaluz Bar & Tapas on Urbanspoon

Been to Little Creatures Dining Hall in Melbourne and loved their atmosphere so much. Therefore we were very keen to visit their restaurant in Perth. Just like it’s name, Little Creatures Brewery is known for their own homemade beer. Is a great place to grab a glass of pale ale with a slice of pizza in hand, gossiping around with friends, especially on a hot summer day.

Big beer tanks can be seen at the entrance

Nachos – $22

Chicken tenderloins – $21

Pizza with Harissa Spiced Lamb, Melanzane and Feta – $23

Pumpkin Pizza - $23

Little Creatures Brewey

40 Mews Rd
Fremantle, WA

Little Creatures Brewery on Urbanspoon

Seafood is always popular at all coast city, and Fremantle is not an exception too. Kailis Fish Market Cafe Waterfront is one of the most popular seafood restaurant in Fremantle.

Fishing boats docked in front of Kailis Fish Market Cafe

Located on Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, Kailis Fish Market Cafe was packed with people queing up to try the fresh seafood. It was quite unlucky for us to reach there on a raining afternoon, but it never bothered us to enjoy the food outside the cafe under the umbrella. The portions were generous and the quality of food was fabulous.

Grilled Barramundi with chips and salad

Pan fried salmon fillet with rice and salad

Fresh Oyster served with chili soy sauce

Yabby prawns

Kailis Fish Market Cafe Waterfront

46 Mews Rd
Fremantle, WA

Kailis Fish Market Cafe Waterfront on Urbanspoon


Journey to the west – Perth & Fremantle

After a tiring trip from yesterday’s visit to south western part of Australia, we moved on to the former Swan River Colony.

Let me do an introduction. The Swan River Colony was one of the earliest British settlements in Australia which includes two important townsites; the port city of Fremantle and Perth the capital city of Western Australia. Both cities contain rich culture and history which still remain most of their heritage sites and buildings. In facts, both cities were populated primarily by convicts.

It took us half and hour drive from Perth to Fremantle. As expected, Fremantle is like a time capsule which remain most of their heritage sites. We spent hours walking around the city area and found some nice heritage buildings.

Old residential buildings in Fremantle

Fremantle Post Office

Fremantle Railway Station

Fremantle Fire Station

Fremantle Trades Hall

One of the famous heritage landmark of Frematle is the Round House which located on Arthur Head. According to the guide, it is the oldest and only still standing building in Western Australia which operated from 1831. The purpose of this building was built as a prison and police lockup.

From right, Jason, Debbie, Elaine and I standing in front of the Round House.

The side view of the Round House

The view of ocean from the side of the Round House

A train was crossing the railway track in front of Whalers Tunnel below the round house connecting the beach and the town area.

After a quick visit of the Round House which only took us around 20 minutes, we moved forward to the next place of interest, the Western Australia Maritime Museum and the Shipwreck Gallery.

Maritime Museum located on Victoria Quay, is about 5 minutes walk away from the Round House. The biggest attraction of the Maritime Museum that caught my attention was the retired submarine, HMAS Ovens. It is a huge Oberon class submarine which was a British-built diesel-electric submarine formerly used by Royal Australian Navy and is currently open for public visit. The submarine is viewable from the Round House.

The front view of Western Australia Maritime Museum

One of the interior view of HMAS Ovens submarine

Shipwreck Gallery is located another 2 minutes walk away from Maritime Museum. It exhibits various famous shipwreck cases in Western Australia. The most notable case was the wreck of Batavia in 17 centuries which was owned by the Dutch East India Company.

The old Fremantle Prison, another heritage building of the history of Swan River Colony, located in the Terrance, was built by convict labor. Fremantle Prison was also the home of famous prisoners such as Moondyne Joe, a well known bush ranger of Western Australia; Brenden Abbott, a bank robber and prison escape, also known as The Postcard Bandit and Ben Scott, the former lead singer of famous hard rock band AC/DC.

The entrance view of Fremantle Prison

Getting ready for ‘prison break’ tour

The inner view of Fremantle Prison from one of the gun towers.

View of prison through the bulb wires.

After a day spent in Fremantle, we went back to Perth to visit some heritage buildings on that night.

The first building we visited was the Saint Mary’s Cathedral. It was located at Victoria Square of East Perth. As we walked further down on Murray St towards the west, we found plenty of heritage buildings such as Old Perth Fire Stations, Town Halls, Saint Georges Cathedral, St Andrew Cathedral and the Government House along St Georges Terrace.

The night view of Saint Mary’s Cathedral

Night view of Old Perth Fire Station

Closer view of Old Perth Fire Station

Night View of Perth Town Hall

Night view of Council House on St Georges Terrace

We spent our final day in Perth city before flying back to Melbourne. One of the most interesting building that we visited in the city area was the Swan Bells Tower. Compared to other transitional bell towers, this bell tower was built like a spaceship style. It is located at Barrack Square/Riverside Drive, on the north bank of Swan River next to Old Perth Port.

The Swan Bells Tower

View of eastern part of Perth city from the top of Swan Bells Tower

View of Perth CBD from the Swan Bells Tower with more ongoing developments coming up.

We drove up to the west whereby we reached Kings Park which was located on the western edge of the Perth CBD. It is one the biggest intercity parks in the world.

View of Perth CBD from Kings Park

The State War Memorial is one of the famous landmarks in Kings Park for the remembrance of Western Australian military units who lost their lives for the country during missions. Apart from the memorial itself, we also visited some other buildings such as the Flame of Remembrance, Bali Memorial and Queen Victoria Statue.

The cenotaph of State War Memorial in Kings Park

Queen Victoria Statue in Kings Park

Kings Park is definitely a good place for Sunday family day activities. Grab a book and read while laying on the grass, or having picnic with family and friends and throwing frisbee around. What a relaxing place it was! Sadly, we couldn’t spend much time enjoying the peaceful life of Perth as we had to catch our flight back to Melbourne. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience to Perth and I will definitely be back again.

Places we had visited:

Fremantle Post Office
1/13 Market St, Fremantle WA 6160

Fremantle Railway Station
30 Phillimore St, Fremantle WA 6160

Fremantle Trade Hall
6 Collie St,Fremantle

The Round House
Captains Ln, Fremantle WA 6160

Western Australia Maritime Musuem
Victoria Quay/Peter Hughes Dr, Fremantle WA 6160

Fremantle Prison
1 The Terrace, Fremantle WA 6160

Saint Mary’s Cathedral
17 Victoria Square, Perth WA 6000

Old Perth Fire Station
35 Murray Street, Perth WA 6000

Perth Town Hall
Barrack St, Perth WA 6000

Swan Bells Tower
Barrack Square/Riverside Dr, Perth WA 6000

Kings Park
Botanic Garden, Fraser Ave, Kings Park WA 6005



Journey to the west – Cape Leeuwin, Margaret River and Yallingup

Basically would like to get away from Melbourne for some break. My mates Jason, Elaine, Debbie and I decided a journey to the other side of Australia, Perth and the surrounding areas.

It took us four hours flight from Melbourne International Airport to Perth International Airport. Our first destination was the Cape Leeuwin, the most south-westerly mainland point of the Australian Continental which took us three and half hours of driving from Perth City.

View of Cape Leeuwin from hill

Considered as the point of Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, one of the landmarks of headland of Cape Leeuwin. According to the information placed in the museum, it was built in 1895.

View of Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

As we walked further down to the bay, we found the Cape Leeuwin Waterwheel. Another landmark of Cape Leeuwin which was a wooden waterwheel built along with the lighthouse to bring fresh spring water to the lighthouse.

The old Cape Leeuwin Waterwheel

The view of the Indian Ocean from the waterway of waterwheel

Strong waves on Indian Ocean

Tried not to waste any of our valued time, we proceeded to our next destination after few hours of exploration in Cape Leeuwin. We reached Margaret River after a short distance of 30 minutes driving towards north. It is a town located on the valley of Margaret River and Margaret River Wine Region, one of the most well known wine regions in Australia.

Hay Shed Hill and Laurance of Margaret River were the only two wineries we managed to visit (We had limited time spent as too much time was spent for lunch).

Hay Shed Hill is a classic vineyard located in Willyabrup Valley which was the first winery we visited. Why would I choose this winery? It was simple. I used to sell one of their wine in Monk & Me which is a restaurant that I am currently managing in Melbourne.

The grape trees were all over the winery.

The cellar door, restaurant and the office

Grapes to be harvested for wine making.

One part of the wine shelf

As a wine lover, I didn’t want to miss out the chance to try all the wines available. It would be great if I was able to try the wines with some nice steaks or seafood. Well, just a lesson for me to come earlier to dine in their restaurant with their wines.

Moved on to the second vineyard that I was extremely looking forward into it, The Laurance of Margaret River. Located at Wilyabrup as well, Laurance of Margaret River was voted as one of the Top 10 Best Cellar Doors in Australia and one of the most famous tourist attractions in Margaret River Region.

The vineyard is surrounded by beautiful rose garden and it is an awesome place for us to appreciate the wines and the beautiful roses.

The ceiling lamp which was made with wine glasses

One of the famous wines sold as well as my favorite, ICON Cabernet which is a multi award winning wine.

Elaine & Debbie enjoying the wine in the lovely rose garden.

Every sip of wine brought different flavours to us, with the roses surrounding us, it was a great enjoyable and relaxing experience. Unfortunately we had to move on as their operating hours of day had come to end.

We drove towards north for another 10 minutes to our final destination of the day, the Yallingup Beach. Yallingup beach is a popular and beautiful beach full of coastal rock nearby Margaret River Region. It is facing the Indian Ocean and a place well known for surfing. It is located next to the Yallingup town which provides plenty of holiday houses for hire.

Beautiful coastal rocks on Yallingup Beach

Jason enjoying the ‘sound of the music’ of the sea water hitting the coastal rocks.

Strong waves hitting the coastal rocks.

Strong waves approaching.

The first day of Western Australia trip ended here with excitement and we returned to Perth city after three hours of driving. We took a good rest after an exhausting long journey and we looked forward for our next destination. Visiting heritage city, Fremantle on the following day.

Places visited:

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and Waterwheel
Leeuwin Rd, Augusta WA 6290

Hay Shed Hill
511 Harmans Mill Rd, Wilyabrup WA 6280

Laurance of Margaret River
3518 Caves Road, Wilyabrup WA 6282

Yallingup Beach
Valley Rd, Yallingup WA 6282