Food heaven of the west… part one

Food! Food! Food! It is a habit of mine to search for great food every time I go on a trip. It applies when I visited Perth, Western Australia. I did some homework as I did not want to miss any chance to try good restaurants here.

We went to Morries Anytime as we stopped by Margaret River town before heading to the wineries. It is a wonderful cafe, bar and restaurant located in the town centre which I highly recommend. The interior is nicely decorated and we were warmly welcomed by the friendly waitress.

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to a cafe, bar or a restaurant, all of them offer a variety of coffee, food, wine and cocktail. At first, we planned to try some of their famous creation cocktails, but we had to give it a miss as we tried not to get intoxicated before visiting the wineries.

Wagyu burger, Mchenry’s bacon, lettuce, tomato, relish, Morries pickles, fries – $19.50

Tender and juicy wagyu beef, crispy and crunchy Mchenry’s bacon and fresh lettuce, tomato, pickles, layered in the soft and lightly crunchy bun, served along with freshly fried fries. HEAVEN!

Masterstock braised pork belly, thai caramel, pickled wombok, salted cucumber & coriander salad chilli oil, coriander – $16.50

Well flavored pork belly, great combination with the salad and dressing. Would prefer the pork belly to have more of its juiciness as it tasted a bit dry. Overall still consider a great dish.

Morries Anytime

2/149 Bussell Hwy
Margaret River W.A. 6285
Mon-Sat: 7:30-late
Sunday: 7:30-10pm

Morries Anytime on Urbanspoon

Andaluz Bar and Tapas was another restaurant that caught my attention during my search for late night food. Tapas! Cocktails! Sexy! Unfortunately we were dressed too casually, totally not sexy and we felt embarrassed to get in. Luckily we were still warmly welcomed.

We tried plenty of tapas but sadly, it was a bit too dark for me to take these fantastic food photos and the below were the ‘surviving’ ones.

Yellow Kettle. Melon and peach liqueur, kaffir leaf infused citrus vodka, pineapple, lemon, coffe dust. – $18

Fried buttermilk chicken wings, pimento hot sauce, smoked salt & lime – $15

Grilled flat bread, marinated labna – $9

Blue cheese with bread

Andaluz Bar & Tapas

21 Howard St
Perth, WA
Tuesday to Thursday Noon – Midnight
Friday Noon – 1am
Saturday 6pm – 1am
Sunday & Monday Closed

Andaluz Bar & Tapas on Urbanspoon

Been to Little Creatures Dining Hall in Melbourne and loved their atmosphere so much. Therefore we were very keen to visit their restaurant in Perth. Just like it’s name, Little Creatures Brewery is known for their own homemade beer. Is a great place to grab a glass of pale ale with a slice of pizza in hand, gossiping around with friends, especially on a hot summer day.

Big beer tanks can be seen at the entrance

Nachos – $22

Chicken tenderloins – $21

Pizza with Harissa Spiced Lamb, Melanzane and Feta – $23

Pumpkin Pizza - $23

Little Creatures Brewey

40 Mews Rd
Fremantle, WA

Little Creatures Brewery on Urbanspoon

Seafood is always popular at all coast city, and Fremantle is not an exception too. Kailis Fish Market Cafe Waterfront is one of the most popular seafood restaurant in Fremantle.

Fishing boats docked in front of Kailis Fish Market Cafe

Located on Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, Kailis Fish Market Cafe was packed with people queing up to try the fresh seafood. It was quite unlucky for us to reach there on a raining afternoon, but it never bothered us to enjoy the food outside the cafe under the umbrella. The portions were generous and the quality of food was fabulous.

Grilled Barramundi with chips and salad

Pan fried salmon fillet with rice and salad

Fresh Oyster served with chili soy sauce

Yabby prawns

Kailis Fish Market Cafe Waterfront

46 Mews Rd
Fremantle, WA

Kailis Fish Market Cafe Waterfront on Urbanspoon

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